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The Co-operative Party's policies are set out in our manifesto, the Agenda for Labour 2, published before the 2001 General Election. This has formed the basis of many of our achievements in the current Parliament, including the passage into Law of the Industrial and Provident Societies Act.

To help us build on this, and apply our values in new ways, the Co-operative Party is committed to opening up its policy-making process to a wider input from individual members and local Party branches, many of whom will be well qualified to suggest how our co-operative principles can be more widely applied in society.

We are particularly interested in:

  • Examples of good practice in the delivery of local public services

  • Suggestions of where mutuality can be extended into new areas

The Process

The policy sub-committee of the National Executive Committee (NEC) meets quarterly to discuss how our policies can be effectively developed and implemented.

Members of the committee have taken responsibility for specific policy areas. They can be contacted by Co-operative Party members who wish to submit ideas, suggestions or examples of good practice that might be translated into practical policy initiatives or even development projects for the think-tank Mutuo.

Members who wish to contribute ideas should send short written submissions, via email. Please remember to state your local branch and membership number.

Policy Area Policy Sub Committee Member Contact
Credit Unions Brenda Forster Brenda Forster
Employees Issues (including childcare) and Rural Issues Jeanette Timmins Jeanette Timmins
Housing and Mutual business issues Jim Lee Jim Lee
Healthcare Geraint Day Geraint Day
Sport Dave Pownall David Pownall
All Other Issues Jim Lee Jim Lee

Each member of the sub-committee will collate submissions from members, and present the best of them (this will automatically include any resolutions from Party Councils and annual Conference) at a meeting of the committee. The committee will then decide collectively whether, and how to proceed - and will notify the member or Party concerned of its decision.

Depending on the nature and suitability of the submission, it will be presented to one or more of the following:

  • The next full meeting of the NEC for possible adoption as official Party policy

  • Mutuo's Project Officer, Stephen Hogan, for consideration as a research or development project
  • The Chair or National Secretary of the Co-operative Party for urgent action (i.e. a representation to be made at senior level within the Labour Party)
  • A Co-operative Party representative on a Labour Party National Policy Forum (this would be the case if the proposal tied in directly to an issue being discussed by the Labour Party)
For more information contact Oliver Fry
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