Policies and Publications

"NM" is the new magazine of the Co-perative Party. It circulates among our members but also among opinion lenders, members of the government and the wider Labour Movement.

NM is now available online by clicking the link on the home page.

Mutuo' is a new 'think tank' set up by the Co-operatives UK to develop foster and promote mutual and co-operative principles into public life. Click on 'Mutuo' in the menu bar for more details.

The Co-operative Agenda for Labour 2
The 'Co-operative Agenda for Labour 2' is the latest document setting out our aims and objectives within our relationship with Labour. To download a copy, click on the link below.

Agenda for Labour 2

Resource packs
These essential aids for Parties and Branches are now available online for printing out as necessary. Just click on the link on the menu bar.



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