Representatives in Government

Labour and Co-operative Members of the House of Commons
The Co-operative Party has currently 29 MPs elected jointly on a 'Labour and Co-operative' ticket under an electoral agreement with Labour dating in its essentials back to 1927. For details and contacts for these MPs click on 'House of Commons' in the menu bar.

Labour and Co-operative Peers
These members of the Upper House are drawn from the ranks of notable co-operators and are members, jointly with the MPs, of the Westminster Parliamentary Group. For information, click on 'House of Lords in the menu bar.

Scottish Parliament
There are currently seven Labour and Co-operative MSPs sitting in Edinburgh. For further information click on 'Scottish Parliament' in the menu bar.

Welsh Assembly
The Welsh Assembly has a group of five Labour and Co-operative Assembly Members (AMs). Please click on 'Welsh Assembly' in the menu bar for further details.

London Assembly
Meg Hillier was elected as a Labour and Co-operative member of the London Assembly for the London North East constituency. Click on the menu bar for more details.

Local Government
The Co-operative Party has over 700 Labour and Co-operative local Councillors on County, Unitary, District and even Parish councils. It is impossible to name them all as the list changes so frequently but if you click on the Local Government link in the menu bar you can see the Party's 'Agenda for Local Government' and other documents and links.


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